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May. 29th, 2010



If you normall do something for a specific reason, always do it.

For example, even if you're not normally a germaphobe, but always wipe off the tray table on a plane because you get sick otherwise, don't think you can skip it.

I swear, I've used enough kleenex in the past day and a half to account for a major past of the deforestation of the Amazon.

Life is *such* fun, I swear....

May. 28th, 2010


FL Update...

Made it down, no problem. Looks like my plan to bring back a bike is on hold, due to the sheer awesomeness of the guys at the RSW Hertz counter. I always use Hertz anymore, because I get both a discount and FF miles. I've also gotten known to the guys at the counter. In order, the last several cars I've gotten were: a new VW Bug (Cute but annoying), a red Mustang, a Corvette, a new Mazada 3, and this time they gave me a brand new Mustang again. I never reserve anything fancy-usually just a compact. The 'Vette was the only one I had to pay extra for, and that was only $10 more a day than the compact. It was well worth the $50 of my money.

In other news, the house is okay for the most part, although I figured out why the H2O bills have been a bit higher--one of the toilet lift tubes is busted. Thankfully, that's an easy enough fix, and I've already got the parts to do it. Also, the converter box on the TV died, so that had to be replaced. It also looks like the garbage disposal is toast, but I'll get that worked on another time.

Otherwise, the agenda is ro get rid of the Toyota, try to get the ceiling fans and the a/c vents a thorough cleaning, the usual weeding & scrubbing of the lanai, trying to get rid of the mud dauber nests on the front porch, and hauling lots of stuff to goodwill, plus the usual housecleaning and stuff. If I have time, I may tackle touching up some of the paint on the exterior light fixtures out front, but that's pretty low on the list.

We'll see what I actually manage to get done..

Apr. 29th, 2010


(no subject)

Well. Now that I've made one catastrophically bad decision, apparently I've broken through, as I am now contemplating making two more potentially even more horrendous ones. Seriously. They mostly have to do with my 401(k).... Let's face it, if I reach 65 it'll be a freaking miracle. and it's not like there's a next generation to leave anything to. So why not put the $$ to use when I'm alive and able to enjoy it? Really.

Maybe. There's also a good possibility I'm just depressed as hell and extremely hormonal, and feel like everything's so far off the rails I might as well say fuckit and do what I want. I'm the one who's got to live with the consequences anyway, and even I do make to something approximating old age, I'll be a trainwreck anyway.

I'm freaking 35 almost. Isn't it about time I got to be stupid and irresponsible like many people think I am anyway? Seriously....

Nov. 25th, 2009


People who know me, please read this...

...a marvelous article from 2003 called "Caring for your Introvert",.

I am an introvert, with a healthy dose of SAD (social anxiety disorder) to boot. I was also raised with and have a decidedly Germanic view on friendship.

What does this mean?

1. Much as I may like someone, and enjoy being around them, just being around people of any variety stresses me out and makes me physically weary.

2. I far, far prefer a low-key meeting for good conversation with a few true friends than a loud get-together with more than 6 or so people. Not that I don't like a good party. because I do. But it will also likely mentally exhaust me for days.

3. I have acquaintances and I have friends. Don't be offended if you fall into the former category and not the latter--I have always had few friends, but those who qualify as such I consider as close as (and these days, closer than my family. Acquaintance simply means either I'm just not that close to you, don't know you very well, or both. It's just a degree of friendship, not an insult. I've realized this is perplexing to most people in the US, but it is a very Germanic attitude.

4. I not only like being alone, I need periods of alone 'down-time' to stay sane. Without it, it's a bit like a driver in an endurance race *all the time*. While it's fun to drive a tricky track at high speed, no driver wants to do it constantly, and can't. Sooner or later, either the car or the driver are going to break in a big, messy fashion.

5. I am intensely uncomfortable around people I don't know, and have an almost completely different personality with strangers and with people I know. It makes finding friends insanely difficult, because people think they're getting to know one person only to find out I'm really not at all who they thought I was.

So that's it. For anyone who was wondering, now you know.

Oct. 15th, 2009



Humor is the best weapon:

Neo-Nazis and KKK taken down by....


Seriously... got check out the link, just for the picture.

Oct. 14th, 2009


*Sigh*... I give up.

The swimsuit pic is coming, I promise. In the meantime...

This is why being of German descent in the US depresses the hell out of me. All we're missing is Nazis.

For the record:

1. Wiener schnitzel is not German. It's Austrian. The name comes from the German-language name of Vienna, Wien.

2. Lederhosen, beer, and bratwurst are (stereo)typical of Bavaria, not all of Germany. And while beer is common across the country, it varies greatly by region. And in Bavaria? The only people you'll see wearing Tracht (lederhosen, dirndls, etc.) are A) going to Oktoberfest, which is actually in September, B) dressing up for a special occasion, and/or C) probably from a smaller town.

Get a clue, people.

Sep. 25th, 2009


2009 Swimsuit Brigade for Honest Photos

So, on a whim, I followed a link from an expat blog I regularly read to this.

The author is challenging real everyday women to post pictures of themselves in swimsuits, as sort of a counterpoint to most typical modern media, where only the thinnest of women are shown, and even those are often subject to being retouched and photoshopped within an inch of their life.

I am taking this challenge up. The general concept is great, but also, as a lifelong "waterbug", I am far too sick od seeing women enjoy and indulge themselves at pools, beaches & such because they're too damn worried about what they look like.

I love the water. I grew up spending my summers at our lake cottage in the southern part of our state. The house had no A/C-- that's what the lake was for. So I also grew up being utterly unfazed about walking around in a swimsuit, since I pretty much lived in them.

Now admittedly, I was younger and much thinner then, but I was never what anyone would call thin. At my adult height, I've never worn anything smaller than a size 12-- usually it was a 14. At 5'6", 5'7"-ish, my weight never got much below 145 to 155 (Lbs.). I'm just a big girl--big frame, bigger build muscle-wise, and always a bit more fat than I really liked.

But I wore swimsuits without a second thought. My only concern was for my arms, which were the victim of compulsive skin picking.

These days? I weigh around 300lbs. I wear a size 24-26. And I still don't care about how I look in a swimsuit. I still love the water, adore swimming like a fish and desperately miss waterskiing.

That said, you will almost never catch me wearing anything other than a women's Speedo. Not because of modesty or anything, but because I do things-- I swim, I work out, etc. I'm active when I have the occasion to wear a suit.

And I have "field-tested" many styles of swimsuits, but only a Speedo stayed in place when I was skidding across the water on my @$$ at 35 mph. So forgive me, if I prefer suits that don't result in constant tugging and yanking, even under the most extreme (*coughcoughwaterskiingcrashcough*) circumstances.

Watch this space, folks-- I'll try to get the pics up this weekend. And I strongly encourage everyone to take part. A swimsuit isn't anything more than just another piece of clothing, Ladies. And anyone who judges you for how you look in it really isn't worth your time in the first place. Quit obsessing and start having fun.

That's what I do.

Sep. 17th, 2009


RealityTV--Good for something after all?!?!

Okay, this is kind of a big story around here...

For those who may not remember, CBS tried a reality TV show a while back called Armed & Famous, that had various "celebrities" training with the Munice, IN, police, and then serving as reserve officers. It was actually kind of interesting, but didn't catch on & was canceled before all the eps aired.

Anyway, the celebs that took part included Erik Estrada, LaToya Jackson, and Jack Osbourne. Like I said, the show was pretty much a flop.

But... It seems to have done some good things for the Muncie PD.

Word is, Erik Estrada often comes back to help out at Police-related fundraisers and the like. And in the latest news, it's Jack and Ozzy Osbourne helping out.

One of Munice PD's K9 officers is retiring, and apparently there is no money to get a new dog. Apparently, properly trained police dogs are expensive-- around $10,000. So one of the officers who got to know Jack Osbourne made a call, and asked if Jack might be able to help out somehow.

Ten minutes later, Muncie PD had a promise for all the funds for a new K9--Ozzy was paying for the whole shebang.

I find it interesting, because what I remember from the show, Jack really seemed to straighten himself out a bit during training and was a natural at police work, or at least the somewhat minor-level stuff they had him doing. It honestly seemed like it was a very good thing for him. And now I'm really glad to see it benefiting the Muncie PD, too. Almost every city/county government here in Indiana is in a serious budget crunch right now, and Ozzy's got plenty of money.

Nice work, everybody.

Sep. 15th, 2009


#547: Things I apparently had to learn the hard (and expensive) way...

The date on checks means absolutely nothing.

Even the ones you wrtie for your mortgage payments.

*sigh* anybody got $300 they'd like to loan me for the next 2 weeks????

(This is wishful thinking only, not an actual request.)

Aug. 24th, 2009


Writer's Block: Going Without

Have you ever fasted or done a cleanse?

From a friend of mine...

The best answer to the question is "not voluntarily".

First, I have always had problems with hypoglycemia(?), which does not lend itself to fasting and the like. If I don't eat,things follow a very predictable pattern: first I become bitchy and cranky (moreso than usual, anyway), and then I get woozy and wobbly, and finally, my blood pressure, which is normally low to begin with, takes a nosedive to the floor and is usually promptly followed by the rest of me.

Second, I quite simply love food too much. I get cravings where I would happily kill someone if it gets me what I'm craving. If I get a craving before I go to bed, it will keep me up all night because I can't stop thinking about it.

Third, as for the "not voluntarily" part of it? Well, I was a sick kid. I'm sure part of that can be blamed on the circumstances of my birth-- emergency c-section, severely jaundiced (think Big Bird yellow), and the only surviving one of a set of twins. There's more that was wrong, but I can't remember it all at the moment. Basically, I was screwed up from the start.

So I caught just about everything that came along, and was allergic to the rest of it. Jr. high was notable for having both Mono and the measles one year apart, and both of those involved "fasting" on my part. With mono, I was so bad that I would debate whether I really needed to get up and go to the bathroom, because it took too much effort-- that's how sick I was. I was out of school for a month and a half, and then only did half days for another month when I finally made it back.

The measles didn't wipe me out as much, but I just couldn't keep food down and had no appetite to begin with. For about a week and a half, I lived on a little bit of fruit juice to keep my blood sugar up, and that was it. This was also the only time in my life I ever successfully lost weight-- in that week and a half, I dropped from Around 160lbs down to just under 125lbs, which really was too thin for me. Thankfully, I got well just as summer (and waterskiiing & swimming season) was starting, so I was able to keep things down around 140, 145, which was just about perfect. I stayed that way until I went to college.

So that's my tale. I've thought of trying fasting again, but there's just no way I could do it and be able to function normally. My body just won't let me do it, betweem nutball food cravings and sugar crashes. And honestly, I'm beginning to believe my Doctor-- my weight isn't going to do anything until I get my stress level down, so I doubt fasting would do any good any way, at least in the long term.

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